Facebook Launches New User Friendly Privacy Policy

Facebook the  largest social networking site  has recently launched a feature called Privacy Basics, where users can get  the answer of all their privacy concerns in a highly intuitive way.

Facebook Privacy

The Privacy Basics are distinguished in three main categories, including  how others interact with you, what others see about you on your wall and what you want to see. It  includes a FAQ about Facebook’s different privacy features, including unfriending, blocking of friends, learn about untagging, how to select an audience for your posts and much more.

This information is given in very simple language and demonstrated in bold primary colors with pretty graphic designs to help users to understand the information easily and quickly. This information is available in more than 36 languages. You can choose the language as per your own convenience.

The term and policy update is very interesting for those who have basic knowledge of Facebook’s exiting privacy policies.  The update  includes information on how Facebook uses payment data, nothing that the company collect information on each purchase, as well as billing, credit card data, shipping, account authentication information and contact information.

Facebook is also giving their users more control over what kind of advertisement they can see on their mobile, laptop and PC. In other words, now you can opt out of seeing advertisements on FB based on the sites and app you  use through the digital advertising alliance. When you tell Facebook you do not want to see this type of advertisement,  the ad will automatically blocked on all the device you utilize to access your  profile.

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