Facebook Planning To Convert Messenger App into a Full Fledged Platform

Multiple sources have indicated that Facebook is planning to allow third parties to offer experiences to users on its Messenger app. Following the success of IM apps like We Chat and Line in Asia, something which Facebook must have surely monitored, this decision will be seen as a step by the social media giant to make the usefulness of its Messenger app extend beyond just texting with friends.

It has been reported that the initial stage will involve Facebook focusing on how third parties will be able to facilitate the flow of content and information through Messenger. This would be followed by the decision to bring in more utilities to the app.

Facebpp Messanger App

Exactly what type of third party integration would be permitted is not clear as of yet. However, looking at the achievements of both We Chat and Line, Messenger could in future allow direct content sharing between businesses and users, or between friends.

Facebook will start by partnering with a select group of developers, but gradually more developers will be invited onboard.

The Messenger app was launched on a separate platform by Facebook separating it from its Facebook app. Since then the company has been looking at ways to provide greater services and a rich experience to its users. Allowing third party development will help Messenger compete with other rival IM apps that are currently enjoying plenty of popularity in Asian countries.

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