Google Analytic- All Set To Segregate Known Bot & Spider Traffic

In the series of developments and updates Google has been conducting since 2013, there is another minor but essential one coming up. It is the update in the Google Analytic where bots and spiders will be excluded from the user stats. Traffic obtained from the search engines and the web spiders can be targeted easily in Google analytics.

However, the traffic generated from various bot networks is a huge business; Google filters the traffic to get the traffic generated through the known bots and spiders only. Since almost one third of the traffic is generated from the various bots, it can be a difficult situation for the websites to get desired results.

bots and robots

Google utilizes the list of “International Spiders & Bots List” releases by IAB and updated monthly to categories the bots and spiders. In case you want to know about the bots and spider maintained in the list then you will have to get the annual subscription which is somewhere between $4000 and $14000.

When you have chosen not to include this kind of traffic, Google Analytic will begin filtering the data of your site to get hits only from the user agents known to it and mention in the list. Before this update, it was a time intensive hectic task to filter out the traffic coming from different sources. Google has surely made it easy with the analytics to enable this feature and get the right traffic with a click.

However the traffic number may get a dip due to the category of the site. May odds be in your favor with the new update however there will be some difference in it. It does not count the fake traffic but will also exclude the hits from friendly bots.

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