Keep Your Messaging Habit Private On Whatsapp With Latest Version Of Read Receipt

Earlier this month, Whatsapp disappoint many of its users by introducing a feature “Read Receipt” that indicates when the message has been read by the recipient. Most of the users were not happy with this latest feature. By taking this feedback so seriously, Whatsapp recently released a priority update 2.11.444 to give Android users an option to set the read receipts on or off.


Once you disable the read receipts feature, you won’t be able to see the check marks from the message that you send as well. Another drawback of this feature is that, you can disable the read recipient feature for group chatting. Once everyone in the group reads the message, the blue double check mark will automatically appear, whether if you have disabled this feature for individual message.

Disabling the read recipient feature from mobile is extremely easy. All you need to do is to go to the privacy section of the settings. The Read receipt option is displayed at the end under privacy. If you turn off the read receipt, you won’t be able to see the read receipts from others. This feature is not available on Google play store recently.

You can easily download the upgrade version of the app on your Android phone directly from the WhatsApp website.