Most Apps For Android And iOS Hacked, According To Reports

According to a recent study, around 75 to 97% of mobile apps available today have been hacked. Apps for both Android and iOS, two of the most widely used mobile OS in the world today, were include in the analysis.

Android hackedArxan Technologies, a mobile security firm, released this figures in its “State of Mobile App Security” report that warned users to think twice before downloading their favorite apps on their smartphones. The firm included 100 top paid apps and top 20 most popular apps in their report which showed that a staggering 97% of top, paid apps for Android and 87% of top, paid apps for the iOS were found to be hacked.

For free apps, this figure was 80% for the Android and 75% for the iOS, thus including free apps in the ‘vulnerable’ category as well.

The firm also stated in their report that these applications “are clear targets for hackers who are rallying to carry out malicious and sophisticated attacks”.

Another analysis by a global leader in anti-virus cloud computing security and internet content security software and services, Trend Micro, indicated that copycat apps, that are easily available online, are more likely to be high-risk malware rather than just imitations of original popular apps.