There is A Simpler Way to Use Skype Now

Microsoft has recently released the test version of Skype. This test version enables people to make the internet calls, send messages and do video chatting from most web browsers like Internet explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It eliminates the need of installing special applications for using Skype.

This new feature is useful for anyone who find themselves in front of the computer that doesn’t have Skype installed software, in a hotel room or vacation destination where you can’t download Skype. The Skype for web is simpler and quicker than ever to connect with relatives, colleagues and family members all across the world for free by simply accessing

skype easy

Now, instead of slow down your PC and laptop with other application install, simply sign up to and start making calls and messaging directly from your browser.

On Windows, users will be able to connect to Skype for the web from the newest version of Firefox, chrome and internet explorer 10 and up. On Mac, it works efficiently on Safari 6 and up. However, there is a catch, you will need to download a small plug-in until Skype and Mircosoft’s works on RTC (real time communication).

The web RTC (real time communication) will eliminate the requirement for installation and download, allowing you to get straight to your conversation. So, what you are waiting for, just sing up in from your web browser and start communicating with your friends.

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