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For a website owner, traffic is everything. It is a popularity indicator and an assurity that sales may happen in the coming future. They try every possible way to improve the traffic and one such way is the Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a technique in which someone else will build links in your website to redirect traffic to it. Here the affiliates will create links either related to their own website or content on the web page and present it as a link of your own website. The more the traffic generates the better is the commission awarded to the affiliates. This type of marketing is also known as Cost per Action as the cost of the affiliate is decided as per the action and the traffic generated. If the traffic is not generating any sales then there is no need to pay. Therefore, the entire marketing plan is on the risk of the affiliate.

How affiliate marketing works?

  • Consumer visits the affiliate site where he clicks on a product. He is directed to the merchant’s site. This process stores cookie on the user PC.
  • Through tracking software, the affiliate window gets the information about the sale amount, IP address, date and time of the sale. This helps the affiliate to keep a track of the business the merchant website is getting.
  • The merchant assesses the sale period, increases it if he wants and pays the affiliate for the traffic and the sales.

It is the best ever cost effective and successful marketing solution. Apart from it the merchant is aware of what is happening and if the marketing is actually working or not. Affiliate marketing is a great platform to provide new customers and better sales, however without the help of a specialist achieving it successfully can be difficult to tread this path.

Why DigitalForce?

  • Only pay for the results of the affiliate program.
  • No administration fee is charged. We charge just the amount we have earned from the affiliate program.
  • Established records of accomplishment with great results.
  • Our clientele tells better about our performance.
  • Best affiliates in the affiliate program.
  • Down to business and innovative approach.
  • Affiliate market place is a bloodthirsty arena and your rivals are working hard to generate more sales. We have popular affiliates who can help in bringing traffic to your website and generate more sales from it.
  • Planned strategy according to your business, expectations, goals and objectives.
  • Targeted affiliated team working for better results.
  • Monthly reports related to project to keep you in the loop.
  • You can also learn about the results from your account manager and learn about the incoming business.

We plan the affiliate marketing strategy to improve results. We try to form such goals that right from day one, the results start showing. Being in the affiliate marketing and working with the professionals for a long time, we can understand the importance and plan it in with the long-term vision. A team of affiliates and web professionals work together on a daily basis thus giving better results. We can connect to the clients thus working with them as an extension of their marketing team. With the creative vision and innovative techniques, our affiliated programs are among the best ones.


  • One of the most efficient marketing channels. Experience of 6+ years assists in designing approach around getting results while staying within efficiency goals. It starts with thoroughly learning a client’s business and then taking care of every aspect of an affiliate program.
  • Work to make affiliate relation better. Our affiliates love our clients and their products.
  • With clear plan and execution strategy, we achieve goal in no time.
  • Assess the potential of the affiliate and the category of your business before assigning the affiliate to your project.
  • We stay in touch with the affiliates to provide assistance to have better results on timely manner.
  • We keep current trends and techniques to help our affiliates perform better.
  • We know what it takes to get a customer to convert and give recommendations to close the sale.
  • We ensure that offers and brand positioning are consistent with your standards and your brand.
  • We understand that offer performance varies and make recommendations to increase revenue, increase average order size, increase conversion rate, and more.
  • Having an updated, fully optimized feed is integral to an affiliate program. We know what works and offer services to optimize and update your feed without tech resources. That is right, no tech resources!
  • We help you to maintain quality as no one gets credit if the order is returned or not real.


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