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Social Media giant Facebook launched its new chat application ‘Rooms’ on Tuesday. The application has been based on the traditional chat room environment being used across the internet for over a number of years.

The ‘Rooms’ app will allow users to chat with strangers online on shared topics and common inter

Digitalforce Facebook Launches Rooms Application for Chat

In the wake of the events in the mobile development market, Facebook is all set to conquer the IT world. This popular social networking giant has successfully taken over the Little Eye Lab, a Bangalore based company, providing services in mobile development.

Digitalforce Facebook’s First Indian Business Takeover- Little Eye Labs

With lots of changes up in the sleeve of Google, this is something no webmaster or business organization will like. Google is planning to replace the traditional Google AdWords keyword tool with the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, the ways they are replacing the Google talk with Google hangouts. F

Digitalforce Keyword Planner Replacing Google AdWords Keyword Tool

While launching a new website for the company or a business, often people become skeptical about the traffic. They are worried about whether the new website will be able to gain as much traffic as the old one or will it be able to have the right amount of influx required to boost business. Before the website has launched, you cannot hire the social marketing company to do increase influx

Digitalforce Tips to Get Traffic for Your Upcoming Website

Com, this domain name is the most widely used domain name in the virtual world. Since the day websites came into existence, .com domain name has been one of the most favorite of all. This is the reason, why this domain name has become expensive and a little difficult for the developers to obtain. To maintain the novelty and to be different from others, developers go for the alternate new domains like

Digitalforce Go by the ccTLD to be on the relevant search results

Also known as lead capture page or a Lander in the world of search engine marketing, landing page plays a crucial role in the website popularity. If it is worked out properly, your landing page can improve conversions by traffic which is redirected to the landing page and then to other meaningful links. Especially, in the

Digitlforce Tips to Improve Landing Page Performance of Your Website

Through windows 8.1 version, Bing is trying to revive its status from being merely a search engine to a smart search integration app. It has tried every possible measure to make the app look better along with contributing in improving windows 8 experience of the users. In this pursuit Bing ads platform has launched a better version of Windows 8.1 smart search giving their advertisers a b

Digitalforce New Ad Format Launched By Bing to Improve Smart Search in Windows 8.1

The social media giant and the search engine giant are having a one on one fight. These two titans of the virtual world are confronting each other but only one will win this war, and if the facts are to be believed, it will be Google. Over a

Digitalforce Google May Turn Fatal For Facebook in the Coming Year

Last month Google launched their new algorithm update, penguin 2.0 aiming to make search results better and diverse. In this update they targeted the black hat spam links which affect the SERP and also the page rankings.

Matt Cutts, Google’s

Digitalforce Spammy Queries Targeted on Latest Google Algorithm Update

Bing Desktop app for Windows 8 is popular for having the real Bing images. Recently, with an intension to let the people to enjoy the advanced technology, Microsoft has recently announced to put in fresh features to the Bing Desktop app,  whilst alleging that the service has arrive at a high p

Digitalforce Bing Lets You Enjoy the Latest Desktop Features

The popular social networking site Facebook is facing a dreaded situation, a bank account draining virus. This virus is 6 years old and is spread through phishing messages. Once the account is phished, the virus will itself send messaged or links to all the friends in Facebook account. Mostly these links are ads which are s

Digitalforce Watch Out For Facebook Virus, Save Your Bank Account

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts has always been tried to resolve the queries of Google users and developers of SEO industry from all around the world, through his informative videos. Over a period of time, there were few things which affected the SEO market, like the updates on algorithm, regular updates on short intervals and things SEOs must focus. This time Matt Cutts t

Digitalforce Matt Cutts Clears Some Misconceptions about Google and SEO Industry

Yandex, the popular Russian search engine is going to launch a better personalized search section to give their users enhanced and improved search experience. Unlike the previous version, now the personalization is done on the basis of single search session and what is happening on it.


Digitalforce Yandex Launches Personalized Search for Better Search Experience

In pursuit of improving the Windows 8 experience, Microsoft launched their Windows 8.1 version. In this version they have tried to get rid of the problems that occurred in Windows 8. But it was Bing who got the biggest chance to perk up the Bing experience for the users and to integrate it into the operating system profoundly.

Digitalforce Bing Getting a New Look For Windows 8.1

Yesterday, Google declared that now people will be able to enjoy twisting the YouTube upload into a slow motion video. Recently, Google has launched its new small feature addition that promises to possibly take the online record planet by squall – YouTube slow action videos.

According to the sources, Google has asserted that its device has ab

Digitalforce Avail Feature Of Slow-Mo Vidoes In Youtube Now

According to the Astro Teller – Director of Google’s mysterious research lab, “I am recommending that Google acquire Makani Power that is a startup, which expands airstream turbines accumulated on unmanned.”

Last February, Astro Teller went to look for a sanction from CEO Larry Page

Digitalforce Google’s Hush-Hush Lab – Know what’s inside!

In the pursuit of defending the company, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said that what their company is doing is completely legal. They will pay the taxes if British law is changed.

Eric Schmidt said that they have a responsibility towards share holders which do not allo

Digitalforce Google Executive Chairman Snubs to Pay Redundant Taxes

Microsoft is having a bet big on Satori – alias of Bing equipment that stabs to recognize affairs between the people, places, and things in the region around US. Nearly all of the broadcasted developments to Bing have caught up Satori-driven search results that take account of Auto suggest as of the search box and its image - side bar feature.

Digitalforce Bing to Add New Visual Mode to News Search

In the hopes of improving keyword search result and removal of the black hat spam, Google launched their 4th update in Penguin, Penguin 2.0. All the webmasters and SEO companies were till now waiting for the impact, this update will have on the search engine re

Digitalforce The Big Looser Of Penguin 2.0

In their attempt of fight against spam and malware, Google has finally made Penguin 2.0 update live. It is launched with the Penguin next gen technology to fight spam and malware on the search engine result pages.

Spam an

Digitalforce Most Awaited Penguin 2.0 Update Ready to Hit SERPs

As per the ComScore’s April 2013 search engine rankings, Google’s search market has slouched a little again, with slight perk up in Yahoo and Microsoft. Jumping down 0.6 percent in April from 67.1 percent, Goog

Digitalforce Google Search Engine Share Slumps While Bing Goes Up

Recently, Google has penalized a well-known website that is Sprint – one of the biggest wireless providers. Google notified the company with a user-generated content spam forum. Earlier, Mozilla and BBC had penalized and now it is Sprint that opened a segment of its website for someone non-official rep to post links and content.

All these thr

Digitalforce Google Penalizes Community Forum’s Section

As per the sources and buzz in the Internet, Google is planning to shut down its checkout payment dealing out tool on 20th November. Google notified the vendors to look for another payment dealing out platform.

Checkout was introduced in 2006. And last November it was amalgamated with Wallet that is a mobile payments tool. The invention

Digitalforce Google Checkout Will Soon Be Withdrawn

In order to settle on whether to endorse a $1.1 billion all-cash for New York-grounded blogging website Tumblr, Yahoo board calls a meet on Sunday night, as per sources on the brink of the situation.  

Yahoo has been thinking over a deal with the trendy Ne

Digitalforce Yahoo Eyeing To Buy Tumblr

With an intension to bring people more close together following the years of waiting, Google has broadcasted a fused messaging system merely identified as Hangouts on May15, 2013. The owner of the company has announced for the availability of this messaging system for Andr

Digitalforce Google Reveals Handouts: A Fused Messaging System

Engineers working on updating Android fielded questions from the developers at the Google I/O Developer Conference held in San Francisco. This 11 member team has been working on upgrading Android devices with regular updates delivered to them. Speaking about the continuing problem of the fragmentation, engineers said that they are trying to resolve it but are also planning to continue th

Digitalforce Google Engineers Interaction With Developers at I/O 2013

Google Inc launched a music service on Wednesday, which allows the users to stream unlimited music from the 22 genres for $9.99 per month. This service will be a major challenge to the smaller companies like Pandora and

Admin Google Entering into the World of Music Streaming
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