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Digitalforce is leading the way as one of the world's largest Search Engine Marketing companies. It employs around 300 people throughout offices in India. Digitalforce offers a unique concept where we can help you with full End to End Internet Marketing solutions. The company’s main focus is to provide complete Internet solutions which allow Entrepreneurs along with Marketing and Sales Directors to focus on other tasks while we bring relevant visitors to their websites, which later transforms into business. Executives see Digitalforce as total provider for their Internet Marketing needs.

The most important aspect of any successful search marketing campaign is metrics. Planning, implementing, and measuring correct ROI on the site is crucial to ensuring the success of any client campaign – and Digitalforce ensures that your SEO campaign is managed optimally by making the right decisions, based on correct and timely reporting.

We strive to ensure that you remain at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution instead of just being a part of it.

Effective SEO Services

We strive to make sure that the client gets the highest level in the top positions in search engines. For Search Engine Optimization, we follow tried and tested method that we persistently improve and refine to make the most of the effectiveness of our clients' campaigns. We have the bandwidth to be able to undertake even the most demanding SEO campaigns in the most competitive markets.

SEO Process Flow:


Website Analysis


The initial analysis serves as a benchmark and is used to track progress as we work.

  • Website evaluation
  • Competitors’ study
  • Current site position

The first step involves an in-depth analysis of the website which needs to be optimized for the Search Engines. We check the current website positioning on the Search Engines, its Search Engine Friendliness and the amount of traffic it is getting from the Search Engines.


Client Requirements


It is essential to understand the client requirements before any SEO work is started.

  • Objective for SEO
  • Client’s Outlook
  • Set Goals & Targets

In the second step, we identify the purpose behind doing SEO. Whether the client wants to achieve high search engine rankings, increase sales, get newsletter subscribers or improve popularity? Once we know the client expectations, we set our goals accordingly.


Keyword Research


Search Engines can drive traffic to your website if you achieve top rankings for your keywords.

  • Initial Keywords list
  • KW List extension
  • Final list of Keywords

Keyword Research is one of the most essential steps of any SEO campaign. The client gives an initial list of keywords and we expand it to find related keywords which can help drive traffic through the search engines. The final keywords list is approved by the client.


Content Writing


Search Engine Spiders consider website content an important ranking factor.

  • Keyword integration in content
  • Landing page formation

After the final list of keywords is discussed, we start writing content for the different sections of the website. Keywords are incorporated to the text content of the website. New pages are also added to the website and content is written for the new pages.


Website Optimization


Developing a Search Engine Friendly website is an essential part of on-page optimization.

  • New Navigation Plan
  • HTML Code optimization
  • To keep Flash and JavaScript
  • On-page updates like Title Tags, Meta Tags, Internal Links, Headings, Images and ALT Tags
  • Inclusion of Site Map

The Website Optimization step involves a number of sub-steps and processes which are carried out on the website pages to make them Search Engine Friendly. We propose and implement a new navigation structure for the website if there are problems with the existing website navigation plan which can cause problems with the Search Engines. Sitemap is incorporated to the website, and the Title Tags, Meta Keywords and Meta Description Tags are added to the website pages. Internal linking of the website is improved and heading tags and ALT Tags are added to the web pages. On-page optimization is carried out to make the website Search Engine Friendly and easy to navigate by the search engine spiders.


Submission of Website


Submitting your website to web directories is a good way to obtain one-way links.

  • Anchor Text establishment
  • Submission to Web information bank
  • Search Engine Submission

The submission process allows the website to be submitted to some of the most prominent search engines and directories on the Internet. Submission to these directories and search engines allows quick indexing of the website and its pages.


Link Building


Links can also help drive traffic to your website from other web pages on the Internet.

  • Getting quality link partners
  • Contacting link partners
  • Restoring old or removed links

Link Building is the most important step in off-site optimization of a website. Finding quality link partners for a website can be a tedious and time consuming task. We hand pick quality sites and contact them to finalize the link deal using appropriate anchor texts in the incoming links.




Reporting allows us to show our progress to the client on a regular basis.

  • Keyword positioning Reports
  • Website Traffic Details
  • ink Popularity Reports
  • Targets & Goals accomplishment

The 8 step process ensures results for our clients within the time frames we provide to the customer at the start of any project. We track our progress and give updates to the client on a regular basis. We send keyword ranking reports, website traffic reports and link popularity reports to the client every month. Web Analytics programs like Google Analytics is used to keep track of the traffic coming to the website. We also use Google Analytics to set goals and targets to achieve them.

SEO-Daywise Plan:

Daywise planner

Benefits of SEO:

If your website does not generate adequate traffic, you lose out on prospective business. Research shows that among Internet users the world over, using search engines is the most preferred way of locating new websites.

The message is clear. You cannot sustain an online presence that is not backed up with a powerful SEO program. Besides enhancing brand visibility, SEO is probably the most cost effective way of generating leads. We optimise your website for multiple keywords as well as popular search engines and back it up with campaign monitoring and comprehensive reporting. And the results speak for themselves.


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